Welcome Home

Welcome to Shorashim Jewish Learning Center Inc.

Shorashim is your home away from home. This is where Jewish teens and pre-teen boys come together to learn, have fun, hang out and grow in a relevant Torah environment that will help prepare them for brighter and happier futures.

home is a feeling

Shorashim is all about that feeling. We’ve learned that while teenagers appreciate their homes, they often find another place where they feel in their comfort zone. It tends to be a place where they hang out and enjoy spending a lot of their time. Our goal is to be that second, cool place; that second home. That’s why we work tirelessly to make sure we are the most fun, social, and comfortable place Jewish teens and pre-teen boys enjoy entertaining and relevant Jewish education.

we exist for you

Here, Jewish teens and pre-teens find a place to socialize, better themselves and connect with their heritage. Our members have asked for classes in Jewish law, philosophy, history, Hebrew reading, Bar-Mitzvah preparation, cooking, and ethics. We answered by providing classes in all of them. If it’s important to only one boy, it’s important to our entire staff.

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